Unipolmove Move In Love
Unipolmove Move In Love


True love has no end,
slamming at the toll booth does.
Get 1 UnipolMove device,
the 2nd is FREE for 1 year.

What the offer includes

Electronic toll and mobility services
Electronic toll and mobility services

Electronic toll and mobility services

With UnipolMove choose a new way to travel and a whole new world of services: skip the toll booth line, pay for parking without visiting the cashier, book your ticket directly through the App, and much more.

Make that two!

Take advantage of a special offer to use UnipolMove for more than one vehicle: pay €1/month for the first device and €0.50/month for the second. And with the Move in Love promo, the second device is FREE the first 12 months! Only until 29/02/24.

Make that two!
Promo Move in Love until 29/02/24
To always travel in peace

1,00 € fee per month
Second device Free for 1 year,
then 0.50€ per month
Activation and delivery: Free
Offer details
It includes:
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Electronic toll collection service
  • Car Parking and Mobility Services
You may add:
  • Second device for FREE

Moving with UnipolMove is

Moving with UnipolMove is


Manage and track your travel directly from the website or through the App.

The best/top

Access many offers and discounts on Unipol Group products and services.


In case of theft or loss of the device, don't worry, it's insured.

By your side

Want to use UnipolMove on two vehicles? Request a second device and associate it with the same contract.


UnipolMove is available at all UnipolSai agencies and our partners.

No Commitmant

Cancel anytime without any penalties

Little travel, lots of stress?

Little travel, lots of stress?

Buy UnipolMove Pay Per Use, pay only when you use it and forget the stress of queuing at the toll booth.