UnipolMove City Finally, an App that combines all methods of city transport. Get moving and download it.

Available in Milan and Rome


UnipolMove CITY provides a wide range of mobility solutions

Public transport

Bus, trolleybus, tram and metro – use any urban public transport by buying tickets directly on the App.


Need a taxi? Specify location and time and the App will call the nearest available taxi and display an estimated cost of the journey.

Bike sharing

Look for the bike closest to you and start moving around your city with an electric bike that is comfortable to use.

Scooter sharing

Find the Elecrtic scooter closest to you and start moving arounf your city, for more sustainable mobility.

Use the UnipolMove CITY App to get around your city with simplicity. From public transport to electric scooters.

Tickets and Passes
Tickets and Passes


Tickets and Passes

Buy tickets, renew passes, and plan your travel. The city is yours with UnipolMove City.

Tickets and Passes
Rentals and Sharing


Rentals and Sharing

Public transportation, scooters, or bicycles. No matter which method of transportation you choose, you'll find them all in a single App.

UnipolMove CITY

Start now with UnipolMove CITY!

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With UnipolMove City the Unipol Group moves around the city with you.

Keeping up with city mobility.

With UnipolMove City the Unipol Group moves around the city with you.